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Crisp supply a diverse range of high quality malts that are flavoursome and versatile. The finest breweries and distilleries around the world are able to craft outstanding beers and whisky using our skilfully malted grains. Our malt supply is proudly accompanied by our award winning customer service team who look forward to hearing from you.

Our barley, cereals and other grains are selectively sourced through our dedicated grower groups that consist of the finest farms in East Anglia, Scotland and other parts of the United Kingdom. We strongly believe that to supply the best malt to our customers; we need to source the best raw materials.


Brewing Malts

Distilling Malts

Crisp selects the finest two-row spring barley varieties to produce premium malt for distilling. These barley varieties deliver a high level of extract and fermentability, which when combined together provides the optimum level of predicted spirit yield.

The majority of Crisp distilling malts are produced in our sites located in Scotland. The barley is malted by delicately adjusting temperatures, air supply and water levels to balance protein and cell wall modification. It is then skilfully kilned retaining the high levels of enzyme activity desired by distillers.

Food Malt

Our malt is full of flavour and ideal for food manufacturers. You will discover a variety of malty flavours, colours and texture.

The malt that we produce is Kosher certified by the London Beth Din Kashrut Division (KLBD) and is also certified as Halaal by the Muslim Food Board (U.K).

Organic malt is also available, as we are registered under the Soil Association organic standards.

To ensure we produce malt that is 100% suitable for food manufacturing, we insist on performing our own internal hygiene and food safety checks.

Food malt can be delivered in bulk loads and our brewing malts are perfectly suitable to use in food manufacturing.




A Behind the Scenes look at Haná Malt

We’ve decided to pull back the curtains and let you see how our first release, Haná, was developed. From the initial revival, the malting and how we assessed the malt flavour profiles, here’s the story of how we brought Haná back! ”Would highly recommend it, if you’ve got any left we’d snap your hand off” […]

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Small-Batch Series

Creativity: “the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.” Creativity is at the very core of the craft industries, so how can we, as Maltsters, inspire creativity? How can we encourage you to turn new and imaginative ideas into reality? What can we do as a supplier to help? The reason we […]

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